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reqstaq is a staffing CRM for the next generation

reqstaq is a staffing CRM for
the next generation​ the budget conscious modern staffing

Cut out all the bullsh*t that other CRMs make you pay for. Switch your firm to reqstaq and save not only dollars, but hours.

The reqstaq database can be searched with any keywords - not only based on categories, but anything that could be found in your contact’s profile.

Metrics and provided data can help your business grow by identifying key players and what makes them successful as well as learning what stands in the way of your poor performers.

Easy parsing of candidates and clients contact info - parse information from signatures, entire resumes, and even job orders

We extensively studied the daily use of staffing CRMs from various recruiters and simplified reqstaq to provide only necessary features; making our product elegant and easy to use, allowing you to focus solely on closing deals

Everything your business needs


Additional Features:

Dollar upcharge for added users​
Est. dollars saved per year​
Est. search hours saved per week​

Here's how reqstaq was born

We noticed that there are two leading CRM options for recruiters – one is complex and expensive, and the other one inefficient but affordable. We interviewed recruiters, account reps and leaders at various staffing firms who who have used both of these products and based on their feedback we came up with an ultimate solution with a price tag acceptable to the smallest and newest staffing firms! 

We understand that modern staffing firms benefit from data, so we created a product that collects and stores data in the most efficient manner, requiring minimal effort from the user. It provides variety of reports, graphs and charts that help management maximize their staff’s productivity and create a healthy internal consumption!
We made a product that is fast. No more waiting for pages to load or for screens to change! We eliminated all unnecessary features to make this product as simple to use as possible. Recruiters previously dreading the administrative part of their job actually enjoy entering data into our intuitive and slick CRM
We know that for a staffing firm, the content in their database is a huge asset. We use trustworthy and battle-tested technologies to protect our client’s data. We also created viewing permission options that would save our clients from accidentally sharing data they prefer to keep private within the organization
We learned that being able to search your entire CRM, including notes from any record, is absolutely critical to make sure no contact which could present an opportunity is ever overlooked. We made this dream a reality with reqstaq

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$ 49
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited records
  • Commissions tacking
  • 24/7 support

reqstaq DB

$ 99
  • Everything included in reqstaq plus...
  • Store all records
  • Detailed analytics
  • Priority Support

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